Advanced Courses

The Advanced Course (2 years) is for Regular Course graduates and adults who have acquired basic knowledge and technical skills of engineering to study more complexed and interdisciplinary advanced fields of technology.

The Advanced Course students of NIT, Kochi College practically develop their capabilities to solve complexed problems that engineers are to encounter in practice through the practical technical education programs including long term internship based on the industry-academia collaboration, while university students of the same age are still engaged in technology basics.


【Advanced Course in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering】

In the fields of mechanical and electrical technology, fusion as well as sophistication and specialization are accelerating.

The complexed/fusion technologies such as robotics and mechatronics are applied to the social needs including assistive products for senior citizens, utilization of natural energies, and disaster prevention.

The Advanced Course in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering aims to foster practical and creative engineers with interdisciplinary knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, under the keyword "intelligent control of machinery."



【Advanced Course in Materials Science and Engineering】

The highly technological society of today was made possible by the creation of high-value added products such as compounds and materials with excellent features.

High expectations are placed for biotechnology, which is making rapid progress in this decade, in the fields of healthcare and food.

Also, material science and bioscience is essential to address challenges regarding environment, energy, resource recycling, and so on.

The Advanced Course in Materials Science and Engineering aims to foster creative, globally competent engineers with abundant knowledge and skills and high problem-solving capabilities.



【Advanced Course in Civil Engineering】

In recent years, it is expected to develop engineers in the field of civil engineering, who can think from the global and eco-friendly perspective and can deal with more complexed, diversified, advanced, and internationalized technological matters.

The Advanced Course in Civil Engineering aims to foster creative engineers and researchers with capabilities of thinking and making decisions systematically and efficiently, by providing wide variety of specialized subjects in consideration of environment, disaster prevention, and information, based on the fundamental knowledge learned through the curriculum at the Department of Environmental Civil Engineering and Architecture.